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How To Junk Your Car For Cash

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Do you have an old and rusting car that is just sitting on your property waiting to be hauled away? Whether you think you have anything valuable left in your car or not, you can still junk your car for cash and get a lot more money out of the unit than you will by just letting it sit there and grow weeds. Rather than let your old junk car remain an eyesore on your property and keep you from making your home's curb appeal better, consider making money on the vehicle instead. Here are ways you can do this.

Part out your car

Is your car a piece of junk that still has some valuable parts to it? Do you have something of a mechanic's hand, and are you able to pull out a few of the parts inside the engine that are still good? Do you have the ability to put a little elbow grease into removing the seats, steering wheel, and other valuable and working parts from the car that other people or even a junkyard may want? You can part out your car to help you earn a little bit of money before having your vehicle finally hauled to a recycling plant, and you can even get the tires sold to make a little bit of money.

You can sell the car parts to people individually by listing parts online or in the classifieds. You can also sell parts to a junkyard for a small profit if you want to sell the parts in bulk to make money right away.

Sell your car to a junkyard

Are you tired of looking at your old junker in your yard? Do you just want to get rid of your vehicle ASAP but don't have the means to haul the unit off yourself? Luckily, many junkyards may be willing to remove your vehicle for you and even pay you for the efforts. They will come to your car's location and pick up the junker, giving you cash on the spot when you junk your car.

When you sell your car in whole, you need to have the title so you can give up the vehicle to the junkyard without issue. Your junkyard specialist will give you a time and date when they will come to the location of your vehicle; make sure you are present so you can receive payment and exchange documents for the sale as needed.