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Car Parts You Should Buy Used

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Every car owner has to deal with car repairs from time to time. Whether part of your vehicle was damaged in an accident or some parts of your vehicle have succumbed to gradual wear and tear, you likely need to replace the damaged parts to make your vehicle as functional and comfortable as it used to be. While some parts, like belts, brakes, and other wear parts should always be bought new, many other parts can be bought used from auto salvage yards. Buying used parts can save you money and, occasionally, hassle. Here are a few car parts you should buy used.

Doors and Exterior Panels

Even minor car accidents can cause permanent damage to the exterior panels and doors of a vehicle. Although auto body shops offer dent removal services, some damage is simply unfixable. Perhaps more importantly to many vehicle owners, the cost to remove dents and repaint doors or panels might simply exceed the cost of buying used parts from a salvage yard and installing them yourself. Doors and exterior panels are relatively simple parts that are designed to last for the entire lifetime of a vehicle, so they are safe to buy used.

Interior Trim Sections

Although most car owners try to keep their vehicles in excellent condition, some damage isn't entirely preventable. Interior trim sections have to bear the brunt of everything that goes on inside a vehicle, and if you have kids or pets, they can become damaged very easily. Trim sections do more than give a vehicle interior a polished look; they also protect wiring and the edges of the headliner from damage. New trim pieces are often difficult to find, but they are plentiful in auto salvage yards. Since salvage yards often price their parts by weight, they are typically very inexpensive, too.

Fluid Tanks

Most cars have at least four plastic fluid tanks for brake fluid, coolant, washer fluid, and fuel. These tanks can become damaged during an accident or when a vehicle bottoms out. While you can purchase these tanks new, they are easy to find in auto salvage yards and usually don't suffer from much wear during the life of a vehicle. Make sure you inspect the tanks for damage if the salvaged vehicle looks like it has been in an accident. As long as they aren't cracked, they should be perfect replacement parts.

To learn more about used car parts, contact an auto salvage yard in your area.