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Three Great Options For Selling Unwanted Cars

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Sometimes you end up with a car that you just don't want. For many people, all they have to do it trade the car in when they purchase another one. But if the car is unusable, or if you don't want to buy another car in its place, then you have to look at other options. You have three great choices in this case; these sales are easy to complete and easy to find in most cities.

Sell It for Scrap

If the car is totally unusable, you can always sell it for scrap, where the car is taken apart and the metal melted down or sorted out for others to buy. The metal in your car will still have some scrap value, so you can contact companies that advertise things like cash for junk cars. These places often offer pickup services, so you won't have to worry about arranging for a tow truck. Just be sure to clear out any and all belongings from the car as once that car is towed away, you won't be able to access it again, even at the scrapyard. In fact, in all these cases, you have to assume you won't see the car again.

Sell It to a Used Car Dealer

If the car is drivable and just unwanted, rather than just a heap of metal in the shape of a car, you can look at used car dealerships that specialize in buying used cars. Sometimes you'll see the traditional used-car dealer who only trades in or sells used cars themselves, but other companies have made a name for themselves by allowing people to sell their used vehicles to them for cash. The company can then fix up the cars and sell them to others. These places vary in how much they'll pay, so do some comparison shopping and see what their calculation process is like.

Sell It for Salvage

Is the car model one that was older and relatively popular or one that was kind of rare? You may want to contact a salvage yard and see if they'll buy the car off you. If the model was popular, then there should be a steady demand for parts as people try to do their own repairs or restorations. The same goes for rarer cars; if you can't sell yours to a collector, a salvage yard might appreciate being able to get their hands on those parts for their customers.

When you're done selling the car, remember to file any appropriate change-of-ownership papers with your motor vehicle department. Even if you sell the car for scrap, that department considers it a change in who owns the car because now the scrapyard technically owns it, even if they aren't going to drive it.

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