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Finding The Right Battery For Your Golf Cart

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Golf carts are being used in many ways that do not involve the golf course at all these days. Still, whether you are using your golf cart on the links or running around the campground, community, or corporate property, you need a dependable battery. The batteries in golf carts are not challenging to find, but they are different from those found in cars and other vehicles.

Battery Type

Most golf cart batteries are discharged and recharged repeatedly, so the battery needs to support that. A deep cycle battery is the best type of battery for any application that will be cycled over and over because they are designed to stand up to that use. 

These batteries are not suitable for starting an engine because they do not have the amperage. The battery can store power for long periods, and you can run the battery to nearly dead without a loss of power until the battery dies completely.

Running the battery completely dead will not damage it. Some manufacturers recommend that you completely discharge the battery and then recharge it to help keep the battery working correctly and maximize the battery's performance. Some charging systems called tenders discharge the battery and recharge it several times to simulate the use of the battery while it is in storage.

Battery Voltage

The voltage used for golf cart batteries can vary from six volts to eight, ten, or even twelve, but most are six to eight volts. The voltage is critical, so you will need to find your golf cart's rating before you put a new battery in it. Your old battery may have a sticker on it that gives the voltage rating and potentially the battery's group size that indicates the dimensions. 

If you have this information, you can go to an auto parts store and ask about golf cart batteries in the same group size and voltage as the old one. You need to check the battery terminal, because if they are reversed or in the wrong position, you may not be able to install the battery in your golf cart. 

Taking your old battery with you is an excellent way to ensure you get the right replacement. You can match one of the new golf cart batteries to yours and make sure they are the same before paying for a new one. Many auto parts stores also have listings on the battery rack that allow you to look up your golf cart and get the listing information.

For more information about golf cart batteries, contact a local business that offers them, like Battery XChange.