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Dealing With Damage To The Exhaust System Under Your Vehicle

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Owning a car means dealing with maintenance and upkeep of the entire vehicle. The exhaust system that removes the toxic fumes from the engine is one of the most vital systems, and muffler repair or maintenance should be a priority to ensure your vehicle is safe for passengers to ride in.

Exhaust Wear 

The exhaust system under your car or truck can sustain damage while driving, and over time water vapor can settle in low spots causing rust that may damage the muffler or pipes. Wear and tear on the system is normal, and most vehicles will need a muffler repair every few years. 

A good repair shop can change the muffler and exhaust pipe in a few hours, but many times the system will not need replacing entirely, and you can replace specific components as necessary.

Exhaust Leaks 

Your vehicle's exhaust system plays a vital role in several things, but the most important of those is safety. When the exhaust system has a hole or separation in a pipe, damage to the muffler, or some other problem, it is vital to take it to a muffler repair shop for inspection and repair. 

Exhaust gases contain carbon monoxide and other dangerous elements, and breathing these fumes can make you sick or result in death over time. If you can smell the exhaust in the car, you have a leak allowing these gases to enter the passenger compartment, and making repairs should be a priority. 

A muffler repair shop specializing in exhaust repair is often the best place to take the vehicle, and they can quickly assess the system and locate the leak for you. The area leaking may have black soot around the leak that accumulates as the gases escape. There can be more than one area leaking, so a full inspection is critical to ensuring all necessary repairs are done. 

Loud Exhaust Systems

If you can't smell inside the car, but the exhaust sound suddenly changes, you should take the vehicle to a muffler repair shop and have the system checked. A system that unexpectedly gets louder or begins to rattle is often a sign that something has come loose or a hole has developed.

Often the volume change will be slight at first, increasing over time as the condition worsens. Ignoring the damage can also cause it to get worse, adding to the cost of the repairs when you take the car into the shop. 

Increases in exhaust system volume can occur if a manifold gasket fails, a pipe or muffler connection opens up, or a crack or hole develops. In some situations, welding a small crack or replacing a gasket can be an inexpensive repair. However, if the damage worsens because you dismiss the repair, the cost may increase as the repair becomes more difficult to do over time.  

Contact an auto parts store to learn more about muffler maintenance.